Why Custom Calendars Make Perfect Business Gifts

Sep 19, 2023 | Custom Calendars


While digital calendars and scheduling apps have become increasingly popular, physical paper calendars and planners are still commonly used as well. Custom calendars provide a perfect branding opportunity, exposing your business, each of the 365 days of the year, directly to your target audience.

Some of The Reasons Why People Continue to Use Custom Physical Calendars

Digital calendars are here to stay, but physical calendars continue to have their place in these digital times. Most people use digital calendars on their smartphones, tablets, and computers to keep track of appointments and events and to set reminders. They sync across devices and can be shared with others, making them convenient for both personal and professional use.

But some of the same people also enjoy the visual organization and tactile experience of physical calendars and planners. These stats prove it:

  • 70% of households use a wall calendar to keep track of kids’ activities, family events, and appointments.
  • 75% of calendar users keep them in their kitchens
  • 90% of people who use branded calendars and planners recall the advertiser and have a favorable impression of them.

Choosing A Good Custom Calendar Fit For Your Business

There are many options to choose from. The type of custom paper calendar that makes a good business gift will vary depending on the nature of your business relationship with the recipient and their interests. Here are some types of paper calendars that can be suitable as business gifts:

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are compact and can be placed on the office desk without taking up too much space. These are practical for daily use and can be customized with just your logo and contact info, your own fully custom design, and even personalize with your recipient’s name on the calendar itself!

There is a wide selection of styles to choose from, including many variations of the traditional tent-style calendar and calendars printed on a mouse pad.

See desk calendar options

Desk Pad Blotter Calendars

Desk pad calendars are a favorite tool for busy offices that manage appointments and scheduling of events. They are practical as they can also be used as a writing surface and mouse pad.  Desk blotter calendars are valued for their at-a-glance view of deadlines and upcoming activities, which helps people manage their time effectively.

See desk pad calendar options

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars come in various sizes and can feature beautiful imagery, artwork, or photography. They are ideal for hanging in offices, cubicles, or home spaces. There are many options with themed high-quality stock images that provide a space for your logo and contact info.  

There are a variety of themes that can make it easy to find one that aligns with your business industry, yearly theme, and recipient’s interests. If you can’t decide on a theme, consider wall calendars featuring inspirational quotes or motivational messages that can be visually appealing and well-received for their daily inspiration value.

See wall calendar options

Monthly Planners

Planner-style calendars provide ample space for daily or weekly scheduling on the go, making them ideal for individuals with a busy schedule who appreciate a visual organization tool where they can write on and check things off. They can also include sections for notes, to-do lists, and goal setting. Your logo can be printed on the cover and on every interior page if you would like.

See monthly planner options

Calendar Magnets and Peel-and-Stick

Custom calendars that adhere to a surface will never go out of style. They can easily be placed on vertical surfaces such as wall boards, the fridge, and the vehicle, among other places.  They are versatile and economical business gifts for many industries.

Check these calendar magnet options

Check these peel-and-stick ideas

Custom Calendars Are Appreciated Business Gifts

Imagine a 24/7 advertisement people will thank you for that costs pennies per impression. That’s what a promotional calendar is. To make sure it’s a good match for your audience, think about where they will be using it and focus on quality, design, and practicality. Don’t forget to include a compelling marketing message so they don’t forget how you can help them, along with your contact information.

Ready To Talk Calendars?

We’d love to help you put your promotional calendar plan in motion. We’re ready to listen to your requirements, brainstorm ideas, and find you some good alternatives for you to choose from.

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