6 Trade Show Ideas To Attract Visitors

May 4, 2023 | Tradeshows

Trade shows are important business opportunities for your company to meet potential clients face-to-face and make lasting impressions. They are also a major investment of time and money, so getting the best result possible starts with having a plan and being prepared. Attracting visitors ready to engage is a must and it includes well throughout tradeshow displays and giveaways among other factors. 

Today we share 6 ideas to draw visitors to your booth.

1) Get a List of the Attendees

Trade show organizers make their registrants’ lists available to exhibitors. If there is enough time in advance, send them a snail mail invitation to visit your booth, either the entire list or just the top prospects that you would like to connect with. You can also send them a series of emails with your booth information and a special show offer.

2) Create Special Show Offers

Special offers are a no-brainer for trade shows. Special discounts and gifts with purchase are popular ones, but there are other offers you can make to drive people to your booth. 

For example, you can offer a free gift to the first 100 people who come to your booth. The gift must be something of value, such as a cool T-shirt, a hat, a water bottle, etc. You want the gift to have an interesting design printed on it, in addition to your logo, such as a famous quote that’s related to the problem your company solves. This will make people want to get to your booth early.

3) Create an Attractive Booth Display

A thoughtfully laid-out space with attractive visuals will be more inviting than just a table with the standard cover the show organizers usually provide. If you have a standard tradeshow booth, you have 3 10×10 walls to create a theme for the space. Basic banners are inexpensive and very durable, a well throughout graphic design can go a long way in attracting visitors. There are many solutions to will fit every space size. From a simple 6-foot tabletop backdrop kit for smaller shows to literally anything as large and elaborate as you want.

4) Create Buzz on Social Media

Your social media platforms are the perfect place to promote your participation in the show. You can have a “count down” campaign and promote your special offer, and run simple contests for people to get special gifts.

5) Set Up a Game at Your Booth 

It doesn’t have to be complicated, the simpler, the better, where everyone wins. For example a basketball hoop with a tiny foam ball, or our favorite,  this spinning win-wheel. Have different prizes for each color to make it more interesting. You’ll have people standing in line! Make sure you have staffers greeting and talking to the visitors while they wait to get their information for later follow-up.

6) Giveaway a Large Bag

When planning a tradeshow, it is tempting to go cheap on the giveaways and get small items. While these might be well received by your prospect, giving away a large bag will be seen by everyone else as your visitor walks through the show floor, getting attention and making others want to get one. To achieve this, choose a large canvas tote bag such as the one below that measures 14″ H x 16″ W x 4.5″. These types of bags have a large imprint area that allows you to print a custom design that will be visible from a distance and grab people’s attention.

Another option, if time permits, is a fully custom all-over print design on a non-woven laminated bag. These take longer to produce because the proofing process is longer and they are printed before they are sewn. But as you can see, the final product is truly unique and not something anyone else will be giving out.

Steal These Ideas And Your Booth Will Be The Most Popular! 

We hope these tips help you better prepare for your next trade show so you can attract and engage the most visitors possible. We at Promos and Logos can help you with the selection of great giveaways and gifts, as well as the production of your banners, table covers, stands, and any other supplies you might need for your tradeshow.

Contact us to discuss your next trade show project!


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