5 Engaging Trade Show Booth Games To Maximize ROI

Feb 23, 2024 | Tradeshows


If your company participates in trade shows to generate leads, how would you like to have people lining up at your booth, eagerly waiting for their turn to speak to you?

You probably are aware this is not a typical scenario. Usually, most people glance at a booth as they pass by avoiding eye contact, while they make a quick decision of whether it’s worth their time to stop to visit.

Trade show booth games are a great way to draw prospective customers and keep them around just long enough to start a business conversation to follow up after the show, increasing the chances of converting them, maximizing your return on investment. 

To that end, we have 5 trade show game ideas that will  turn your booth into the most visited one on the trade show floor, along with a few tips to make them work.

First, The Game Logistics 

Preparation is the key to success. Here are a few things to consider, regardless of the game you decide to go with. 

The Rules

Make them simple and easy to follow. Have them printed on a sign next to the game so they are visible to everyone. Make sure your staff is clear as to how to assist the “players”. You don’t want confusion at your booth.

Have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, so everyone wins. Considering that more than 80% of trade show attendees have purchasing authority, having an “everyone wins” contest will give you the opportunity to engage with each and everyone of your visitors and start a business conversation before you leave the show.

The Set Up

Plan ahead. Have the set up laid out on paper and make sure you have all the items you’ll need. An incomplete won’t translate into a great experience.

The Prizes

Have desirable prizes. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. 

A few prize examples:

  • Free samples of your product packaged in a branded bag or box with additional marketing materials.  
  • Exclusive access to a deal or promotion.
  • A branded gift with your logo that ties into the theme of the trade show or your product or service. 

The Staffers

Staffers are the key to success in this program. Have enough staffers to entertain visitors waiting for their turn, assist them while playing, and hand them their prizes. Train them in the rules of the game, delivering your business pitch, and getting complete visitor’s contact information. 

1. Business Card Raffle

The easiest to implement an engaging trade show booth activity is a contest where people participate by placing their business card in a box. If your market doesn’t carry business cards, you can do a digital version where people enter their information onto a form on your tablet. This allows you to collect the contact information of every participant, which is key. 

Then, at the end of the day you pick the winners, which you can broadcast on social media for added buzz.

2. Scratch-Off Cards

Scratch-off cards are another simple way to add an interactive component to get people to stick around your booth. 

Based on a familiar lottery concept, done right, it will add fun and a lively atmosphere to your space, attracting more visitors.

You can have the scratch-off cards custom printed with varied messages to offer different prizes. Similarly to the business card contest, have several prize tiers and you can giveaway free products or fun attractive branded products that tie into your brand.

3. Cornholes Toss Games

Entice visitors’ competitive spirit with a cornhole toss game at your booth. This is a fun game that will attract a crowd! There are many styles and sizes of portable toss games to choose from, from full regulation size to smaller ones that require less booth space, yet big enough to have some fun with.

Do make sure you have enough staffers to engage with visitors while they wait for their turn, remember, this could be the beginning of a new and profitable business relationship.

4. Prize Wheel Spin Game

Invite  your visitors to try their luck with this spin game with a clicker that makes a ticking sound as the wheel spins.  It comes with twelve prize slot inserts and one center plate insert. It’s portable and you can place it on a table top or as a standalone display. 

Again, have enough staffers to engage with visitors while they wait and start business conversations.

5. Golf Game

Set up a small golf putting green with a mat, cups, and a golf club. Golf is a popular game in America, providing a golfing opportunity at your booth will draw visitors and get them to stay around and chat with you. 

You can have prizes for those who get a hole-in-one, or just make it a more relaxed, less competitive experience where people get to practice their swing for a moment without pressure.

Wrapping Up Your Trade Show Game Fun

Having a game at your booth is a winner as long as it’s done right. We hope this gave you some ideas and if you need help with the equipment, supplies and branded gifts, we are here to help!


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